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Dynamatic Medical™ is a division of Dynamatic Technologies Limited, is involved in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Medical Devices and kits for various Medical Applications.

In early 2020 the world faced it’s first pandemic in a century. India, with a large rural population faced an especially challenging period with regard to medical infrastructure. We were concerned about how our country would cope with a large number of coronavirus patients, who needed critical care.

In mid-March 2020, with the risk of Corona pandemic looming large at us and entire nation forced in to a sudden lockdown as a preventive measure, we formed a cross functional team comprising of doctors, scientists, engineers and micro-biologist to develop potential solutions which could help us, as a nation, to combat the situation. One of the projects taken up was to design and build a low cost ventilator, which is easy to use, with no electronics, extremely light weight and reliable with minimal supervision.

Quite apart from a lack of mechanical ventilators/resuscitators, large parts of rural India do not have trained medical staff, or even electricity. So from the beginning, our mission has been to develop a low-cost scalable solution, that can run directly off an oxygen tank, much like what is used by mountain climbers, divers and fighter pilots, to make medical care affordable for the common man. Our best engineers along with doctors and scientists worked long hours through the lockdown on developing the concept. The product took shape from the drawing board to 3D printed prototypes in quick time.

After extensive testing we developed tooling for mass production with an entire supply-chain ecosystem within a few kilometres from our facility. Our focus has been scalability, should there be a sudden surge in demand.

All parts are made from medical-grade material. The product is CDCSO approved and ISO 13485 compliant. Endurance testing compliant to ISO 10651 has been successfully completed with zero defect.

The PranaVent™ does not require any electricity nor has any electronic components on board. It needs to be connected to Oxygen supply and has PIP, PEEP, BPM and FiO2 controls. This product is the result of a confluence of engineering, medical science and entrepreneurship at Dynamatic Technologies Limited.

From concept, through design, prototyping and qualification, we are fully ready to mass produce the world’s lowest cost mechanical resuscitators.

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