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April 2009
Dynamatic Technologies Launches Yellow Brick Road Strategy

Dynamatic Technologies has launched the ‘Yellow Brick Road' strategy, which uniquely positions it to achieve greater economic relevance, especially in the current recessionary conditions. The Yellow Brick Road Strategy will be implemented by achieving synergies in competence & skills, cost efficiency and the maximizing of capacities, without departing from our philosophy of building a green enterprise.

The Yellow Brick Road, derived from Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz, refers to the path one creates, or follows, to reach a much desired goal.

Dynamatic Technologies , today, has state-of-the-art facilities, located in Bangalore & Chennai, in India, and, in Swindon & Bristol, in UK. This not only gives us a geographical advantage in managing our customer relationships, but also, grants our business processes the flexibility to combine the strengths of each location, so as to deliver cost and long-term global manufacturing advantages to our customers. The key benefits of the Yellow Brick Road strategy will be an ability to respond swiftly to customer needs, business synergy, cost competitiveness, risk mitigation, and, the development of a stable supplier base.

A first step in the implementation of the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ strategy would be Dynamatic’s efforts to progress on the supplier value chain of Spirit AeroSystems, by combining the technical competence of the facility in Bristol, with the cost & manufacturing advantages offered by the facilities in India and Swindon, respectively.



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