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February 2010
Dynamatic Technologies secures 35 Acres Land in Bangalore's Upcoming Aerospace Industrial Estate

The Government of Karnataka has given in principle approval to Dynamatic Technologies for the establishment of an Aerospace Component Manufacturing Facility, which will be spread over 35 acres of land at the Aerospace Park to be set up by the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) near the International Airport in Bangalore.

Recognizing Aerospace as the Next Big Thing after IT, the KIADB which has so far developed 126 industrial areas across Karnataka, had acquired 3,000 acres of land to set up an Industrial Park for Aerospace Production Activities to meet the demand of the domestic industry as well as to add up the exports share. Apart from Dynamatic Technologies, it is expected that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will, through its joint ventures, invest in the Aerospace Park. A few foreign firms have also evinced serious interest in investing in the Estate.

February 2010
Former Director N Gopalakrishnan launches Book on Lean Manufacturing at Dynamatic Technologies

B Seshnath, Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer-Dynamatic Technologies, N Gopalakrishnan, Former Executive Director –Dynamatic Technologies, and Udayant Malhoutra – C.E.O & Managing Director –Dynamatic Technologies, at the release of the book 'Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation'

N Gopalakrishnan, the former Executive Director of Dynamatic Technologies, launched his first book on Lean Manufacture ‘Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation,’ at Dynamatic Technologies on 20th February 2010.

N Gopalakrishnan has been associated with Dynamatic Technologies since 1994, when he came on board Team Dynamatic Technologies as the Chief of Operations. He was, subsequently, appointed to the Board of Directors as Executive Director responsible for the Company’s operations in Bangalore, a position he held till his departure in 2002.

Speaking on the occasion, Gopal said "My book on Lean Manufacturing has been greatly inspired by the learnings acquired when I, as a part of the Dynamatic Technologies team, had the opportunity to study first-hand the use of lean manufacture in Japan and Korea, and apply it to the business when Dynamatic Technologies established its manufacturing plant for Automotive Components. The book also reflects the knowledge acquired through the improvements carried out by us at Dynamatic Technologies during my long stint here as Chief Of Operations and Executive Director and therefore, it is a matter of great pride and pleasure for me to be able to launch my book here at Dynamatic Technologies and discuss the various elements of the book with the leadership team of Dynamatic Technologies".

The book ‘Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation,’ was released by the Dynamatic Technologies C.E.O & Managing Director, Udayant Malhoutra and was followed by an interactive presentation on the key elements of the book, which Gopal made to his former colleagues from the Dynamatic Technologies Leadership team.

In recognition of the important role Gopal had played in the growth of Dynamatic Technologies to its present day stature, Udayant Malhoutra presented the Dynamatic Technologies Leadership Award to Gopal remarking "During his decade here, Gopal was a bundle of energy, contributing greatly to the growth of our company during a crucial period. It is incredible watching him now years later, energy undiminished, going about his work as a consultant and an author...when most people his age are relaxing at home. He's amazing."

The event concluded with a book signing ceremony.

January 2010
Dynamatic Technologies inks Agreement with Reuben Power Plc to develop EV Charging Points for National Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure in UK

Reuben Vurdien, CEO - Reuben Power, & Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & Managing Director - Dynamatic Technologies, at the signing ceremony

Dynamatic Technologies has signed an exclusive agreement with Reuben Power PLC to create a new driving force in the world of motoring, starting with establishing a national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure network in the United Kingdom.

The agreement which was signed on 21st January 2010 in the presence of the UK Trade Minster Lord Mervyn Davies, during the course of his visit to the Dynamatic Technologies facilities in Swindon, will help fast track the much talked about need for national infrastructure in UK to facilitate the adoption of EV’s into the mainstream.

Reuben Vurdien, CEO of Reuben Power explains, “It’s time to stop focusing on the chicken and egg conundrum of which should come first: mass EV’s, or a significant charging network. We will deliver the latter starting this year, with a fast paced roll out of charging points that can fully charge a typical EV within 60 minutes, about the time of an average shopping trip. Our initial ambition is to see us install one million points across the UK.”

Reuben Power, who is poised to emerge as a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, is one of the few licensed electricity suppliers in the UK and is perfectly placed to manage every facet of the EV infrastructure from design, through to installation, electricity supply and customer service. They will act as an all in one operator for the installation, operation and maintenance of the charging points, as well as directly supplying the electricity and billing drivers for recharging their EV’s.

Dynamatic Technologies’s engineering and manufacturing track record in the automotive industry, amongst others, will see it design, develop and manufacture the charging point to Reuben Power’s requirements, on an exclusive worldwide remit.

Reuben Vurdien further explains “This is a world of win-win partnerships offering benefits and rewards to every single stakeholder involved, from early adopters ‘hosting’ the infrastructure charging points, to consumers, car manufacturers, the business community, and the environment. This isn’t green hype, this is real action that makes commercial sense for all whilst at the same time helping to tackle and reducing CO² emissions.”

Toby Malhoutra, Managing Director and CEO of Dynamatic Technologies Limited, explains, “We bring both design capabilities as well as precision engineering excellence to this partnership, and will support Reuben Power’s global vision for an enduring EV charging network. This is an innovation centric business, and we are excited about the speed to market that should flow from it.”

January 2010
Lord Mervyn Davies, UK Minister for Trade & Industry, Visits Dynamatic Technologies Facilities in Swindon, UK

(L-R) James Tucker, Director - Oldland Aerospace, Raymond Lawton, COO - Dynamatic Limited, UK, Lord Mervyn Davies, UK Minister For Trade & Industry, Trish Gallagher, Human Resources & IT Manager, Dynamatic Limited, UK, and Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies Limited on the production shop at Dynamatic Limited, UK

On 21st January 2010, the team at Dynamatic Limited, UK, were delighted to play host to Lord Mervyn Davies, the UK Minister for Trade and Industry, at the Dynamatic Technologies facilities in Swindon.

Lord Davies’s hour long visit to Dynamatic Technologies Swindon follows an earlier meeting between the Minister and the Dynamatic Technologies Leadership Team during which the Minister had evinced an interest in visiting the Dynamatic Technologies facility in Swindon and in understanding the support that the Government could offer to overseas investors in U.K’s manufacturing sector.

The visit commenced with a tour of the facility, which offered Lord Davies the opportunity to meet and interact with the personnel on the production shop apart from viewing the product range. This was followed by presentations on Dynamatic Limited, UK, by Raymond Lawton, Chief Operating Officer of Dynamatic Limited UK and on the Yellow Brick Road Strategy by Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & Managing Director. The visit ended with an interactive session between the Minister and the team at Dynamatic Technologies UK, where the members of Dynamatic Technologies team was able discuss a variety of topics with Lord Davies.

Lord Mervyn Davies, UK Minister for Trade & Industry, interracts with an employee at Dynamatic Limited UK


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