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13th March 2010
Dynamatic Technologies Life Time Recognition Award presented to Mr. Rajendran of V R Foundries at Dynamatic Technologies Vendors Meet


On 13th March 2010, Dynamatic Hydraulics™ conducted its Vendor Meet in Bangalore, which witnessed participation from almost 90 vendors from across South India. The event was highly interactive, with members of the management and the vendor community proactively engaging in discussions about the various challenges posed by the current business environment and ideating as to how the supply chain could be strengthened to meet and overcome these challenges.

The highlight of the Vendor Meet was the presentation of the Dynamatic Technologies Lifetime Recognition Award to Mr. V Rajendran, the Managing Director of V.R.Foundries. This is the first instance of the Lifetime Recognition Award being presented to an individual outside the organization and is a testimony to the respect and admiration that Mr. Rajendran commands within the Dynamatic Technologies family.

V R foundries, is one of Dynamatic Technologies’s oldest supply chain partners and has been an integral part of the Dynamatic Technologies growth story, having steadfastly partnered the organization as it grew from a small hydraulics business into a large and diverse business enterprise with a global presence. Today, V R Foundries is the largest castings supplier to Dynamatic Technologies, supplying almost 40-50 tonnes of Ferro-Graphite castings per month.

Mr. V R Naren Kumar, the Joint Managing Director of V R Foundries & Mr. Rajendran’s son, received the Dynamatic Technologies Lifetime Recognition Award from the Dynamatic Technologies C.E.O, Udayant Malhoutra, on his father’s behalf.

Presenting the Award to Naren, Udayant Malhoutra said “Mr. Rajendran is an extraordinary human being who has been driven by his passions, and, lived life on his terms. He is a rare individual who has been able to create a world of his own and I consider myself fortunate to have had his guidance as an young entrepreneur”.

In a telephonic conversation following the Award presentation, Mr. Rajendran said “ I am delighted by this honour. My association with Dynamatic Technologies and Udayant dates back to over two decades, and, it is a matter of great pride for me, and V R Foundries, to have been a part of the Dynamatic Technologies success story.”

The Vendor Meet concluded with the presentation of the Best Vendor Awards, which was awarded to twenty suppliers across three categories: For having achieved consistent quality, for achieving Direct On Line (D.O.L) status and for excellence in product development.

13th March 2010
Dynamatic Hydraulics™ Conducts Annual Business Plan

The Annual Business Plan Meeting of the Hydraulics division of Dynamatic Technologies was held on 13th March 2010 in Bangalore. The meeting commenced with the C.E.O’s address where Udayant Malhoutra, who completes 25 years with Dynamatic Technologies this year, recalled the highlights of his entrepreneurial journey to outline the changes the organization has undergone to reach its present day stature. “We are at the threshold of great change.” He said “Dynamatic Technologies is poised for a giant growth leap, which will be fuelled by the energy of the youth and our collective experience and wisdom. To make this leap successfully, we will be required alter our propensity to think conventionally as well as the traditional beliefs about gender roles and hierarchy.” The management team of the Hydraulics division discussed the opportunities offered by the market and explored new ways of overcoming constraints to capitalize on these business opportunities. In an interesting twist, the young managers in Dynamatic Technologies who had participated in independent brain-storming sessions, presented their suggestions and ideas for improving various aspects of the business including operational efficiency, quality and corporate image.

13th March 2010
Dynamatic Technologies releases Supplier Quality Management Manual!

  download DTL SQM

Dynamatic Technologies released its Supplier Quality Management (SQM) Manual at the Dynamatic Technologies Vendor Meet which was held on 13th March 2010 in Bangalore.

The Manual, which forms an important part of the Dynamatic Technologies Management System, captures the key tenets of the Dynamatic Technologies’s Supplier Quality System which every Dynamatic Technologies supplier is expected to meet or exceed while undertaking work as specified by the purchase order. “ The SQM booklet links the Dynamatic Technologies suppliers to its customers and channelizes the flow of information in the supply chain” said P S Ramesh, COO – Dynamatic Technologies Hydraulics “ This comprehensive booklet is handy and easily readable.”

Copies of the SQM Manual were distributed to the vendor community immediately after the release and the participants were advised that the SQM Manual would be available for download on the Dynamatic Technologies website if there were requirements for further copies.


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